Sunday, August 2, 2009

Today's world make me crazy... I having a really depressed moment when I found out that my college is having a break due to the killing fever influenza H1N1 that makes my life from bad to worst...

Yes,I have to admit that the sickness dont just attack my college but also the whole world and even it will cause dead...but,why I'm so frust is that it attack my college when the date is so near to my final exam!...Can you imagine,my college close for a week but the final is on the wekend!so how can I want to discuss with my class if my college is close?

well,what make me fuss off really classmate tell me that the college is close when I'm already at the college front gate!

Nowadays,there are lot of accident that involving lorry especially the big one and some of it is carrying petrol gas and oil diesel....what makes me interested is why the accident happen?like one case lately,a family died including 6 or maybe 5 I guess month baby who didn't survive because of "flying" lorry?So,what or who isthe biggest cause for the accident?

Well..I'm not accusing or said anything to anyone but is the country have strict law for the drivers?is the drivers following the speed limit?or did the drivers driving like a mad people?

well...judge it

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