Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A very hard Day

Today I had sent to the Hospital due to a very sick scenario..early in the Morning!

When I woke up early in the morning,I found that like my room was spinning around like it was spin by a tornado andI cannot stood still because when I walk then,I will fall to the still spinning and I,m sure that it was my head spinning around because I can see my family just behave normally...not like me!

after struggle up taking a bath and pray and its begin..

I vomitted at the floor and my mom take me to the Hospital..we taking 5 round to find parking for the car and I struggle again to walk like drunken people to the doctor's counter and room...

It was fine for a minute but waiting for my turn just had take 3 hours and I missed my class today..what a crap..

going to the doctor's room it became difficult to disaster as the doctor had sent me to 3 section..from emergency to the ear and from the ear to the eye and I just get to see the last doctor at 3pm because I can see the doctor at 2pm but..of course..LINE UP

thats all...

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