Sunday, August 2, 2009

Today's world make me crazy... I having a really depressed moment when I found out that my college is having a break due to the killing fever influenza H1N1 that makes my life from bad to worst...

Yes,I have to admit that the sickness dont just attack my college but also the whole world and even it will cause dead...but,why I'm so frust is that it attack my college when the date is so near to my final exam!...Can you imagine,my college close for a week but the final is on the wekend!so how can I want to discuss with my class if my college is close?

well,what make me fuss off really classmate tell me that the college is close when I'm already at the college front gate!

Nowadays,there are lot of accident that involving lorry especially the big one and some of it is carrying petrol gas and oil diesel....what makes me interested is why the accident happen?like one case lately,a family died including 6 or maybe 5 I guess month baby who didn't survive because of "flying" lorry?So,what or who isthe biggest cause for the accident?

Well..I'm not accusing or said anything to anyone but is the country have strict law for the drivers?is the drivers following the speed limit?or did the drivers driving like a mad people?

well...judge it

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A very hard Day

Today I had sent to the Hospital due to a very sick scenario..early in the Morning!

When I woke up early in the morning,I found that like my room was spinning around like it was spin by a tornado andI cannot stood still because when I walk then,I will fall to the still spinning and I,m sure that it was my head spinning around because I can see my family just behave normally...not like me!

after struggle up taking a bath and pray and its begin..

I vomitted at the floor and my mom take me to the Hospital..we taking 5 round to find parking for the car and I struggle again to walk like drunken people to the doctor's counter and room...

It was fine for a minute but waiting for my turn just had take 3 hours and I missed my class today..what a crap..

going to the doctor's room it became difficult to disaster as the doctor had sent me to 3 section..from emergency to the ear and from the ear to the eye and I just get to see the last doctor at 3pm because I can see the doctor at 2pm but..of course..LINE UP

thats all...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goodbye my friendz...

I'm very sad now...more than my best friends all have move and further their studies now..right now,I,m alone....

I can imagine as there will be no more enjoying wekends by convoy to other cities,playing games,change comment about each other,..its hard for me because they all my bestest friend of all and how we very "clamp" to each other...

Mat,Boy,Lee and Shack have move to London as they have accepted to the college ( I think University maybe) there...and Joe,Bulat and Raz have also further their studies at Australia...

How I hope can further my studies along with them too....

As time pass by and many experience we having together,I hope they dont forget me here...

maybe,during their summer and they get to back here we all can enjoy like before....

Well,farewell my friendz....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The world..?

Where am I right now?I suppose there will be answer like "hey,you are at Kl, Malacca,etc..etc..." but that's not my answer I'm looking for...,indeed you'll will call me crazy if I tell that my question really is "Is I were at Earth OR Hell?"...yeah,dont try to ignore my word if I'm say like that..

Nowadays,there are many situation happen that's what most people think that it just one or less happen in their life...but,if I ask someone or anyone..have you heard teachers get beaten by his/her own pupil?or by the parents for grounded their son?yes! thats my point for intently ask my question....

Not because I'm asking the question cause of the taecher's matter...but,for anything happen recently,have you heard about the robbery near the victim's house,car and anywhere else, plus its done on morning bright light!

If you think,I'm asking the question just because of this "little" matter,think if anything of what I'm writing happen to your own flesh-blood..

I'm so shocked when there were bulletin about student bullying another student..maybe some of us think that was ol'skool story and its just "normal" to them!but why I was shock is because the student involve is GIRL...

As a muslim..yeah,indeed in Holy Quran had said"In Last Life of Universe there will be sign for the Judgement Days"...yeah if I'm list all the sign maybe the list will need me to use another post...

So,the conclusion is...Behave and Remember God always!...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


What the world!man,I'm just not prepared enough for the assignment given from En.Miqhdad for my short sem "statistic"...its like a hill that I must flatten it in a day!

Not only that,He also make us to do for correction quiz,a whole bunch of work making me crazy even crazier!

Well..what to do..this is my life,study,work,sleep and eat hahaha

perhaps,we should remember,as time passed by,doesn't we notice we becoming more mature and our thinking will be "out of the box" right?so,thanks to the god that give us life to the world..maybe we gonna having nice experience,bad,sad,terrify and much more,so enjoy it!

as I have nothing to share but what the heck,if I just type my feeling in here?

yes..its a mad mad mad mad world we living in

Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh no....

I'm just have a really tired day during last wekend(yesterday)...on Saturday(4/7/09)my brothers and sisters just had a party at my house celebrating their birthday..well actually my little brothers birthday is on August that's was on Ramadhan which all muslim will having a we decided,what,s wrong having an early birthday cause on his birthday,no one can eat hmm..what a lucky for my's not bad have a birthday on the fast season.for me,its an honour given from god to my little brother..praise to Allah...

On Sunday,Well,I take a chance to wash my car but after half -done,suddenly its raining!....That night my best pal,Mael call me and asked for the sponsorship money...well,I'm dont know to but for Mael and me,yes,we,re broke right now hahahahahaha....

Today,I'm having the first class on this week for short semester course "statistics",truthly,yeah I'm slow on Math...Well as i'm writting then my friend Amir remind me that the "shadow"result of last sem exam is out on web,so,I check it down and suprisingly,

Man!,I'm gonna get killed with my dad as the result is bad enough..even my sisters got a full flat!
sure I'm dead...

The result is...









UDP 1152


DDZ 1523


DDC 1243


DDS 1032


DDC 1123


UDB 1322


Keputusan ini adalah tertakluk kepada pengesahan oleh Senat Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

yeah..I'm just copy it from the web...its a disaster!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

IEC ends 26/6/2009

I hate to admit it but sincerely...I miss them,my team,the lecturer,the hostel experience...I hope by joining the IEC program,we all have the most valuable experience in the program... Not just only improve our language in English but also finding new friend,meet experienced lecturer,happy activity and much!I just burst out of tears when remembering all that...just wishing that Mr.Ling doesn't read my blog... but..Thruthly,we all enjoying ourselves during the program..but sadly,on 26 Jun 2009 is the end of the IEC program... Well,live must go on..but it takes a very precious give from the god to find an experience that not only beautiful and precious but also hard to find in entire life... Man!..I'm almost crying again..


Saturday, June 20, 2009

IEC Prop'sbuying day

what a tired day!my taemmates and I has to buy our prop's merchandise for the group drama presentation for the closure of IEC program at friday(26 June 2009)....

At first,I was at my house near the hostel...well,I didn't want to say my house is near but I could make a 45 minutes to go to the hostel so early of the day I was at home when they call me to buy the prop's merchandise...when I arrive at my hostel we were going to the girl's hostel to take along the director's and her assistants to the city of Kuantanto buy the thing...

We were going to the Mydin at first,but suddenly there were nothing to buy there so we were going to the nearest bookstore which I forgot its name....then we crossed the road to go Men Men's bookjstore to buy the needed thing which comes my bad days as my cars had been 'sued' by the MPK for not scratching the parking coupon hahaha....

As we must against the time to buy thing's needed,I took them to Megamall which inside it there are bookstore MBS and Popular....then we found more of our teammates there that makes the event merrier. but,its not done yet as some of them says that we needs the attachment for the prop's that Need us to go back to Mydin!...

We rushed back to the Mydin and sure we have wasting our time as the day is almost finish and its starting to dark...I called my family that night I wasn't going home as I stay night at hostel...


Thursday, June 18, 2009

IEC first assignment

Do you believe on ghost?no?same as me but even I dont know why,in this IEC program..Mr.Ling asked us to tell a ghost stories on our blog,so let me tell you my experience that I had in my previous school hostel at Bentong...

That night,the school having a ceremony to congratulate the teacher who had receiving letter of furthering his studies at UK..after the ceremony my friend and I were heading back to our hostel,at first I had goose bumps when we walking through the workshop for automotive student..then my friend start his crazy behaviour by making scary first we scold at him but he just dont want to stop..but somehow,he suddenly shut up..I know something did not I walk in front of him,and I see his eye staring at the roof of the workshop...I took a deep breath and I punch at his stomach...he scream as loud as the speaker of the microphone shout...with his shaking habd he point his finger at the roof......

there,now I'm asking you again,do you believe in'll sure do if you were at my place,when I look where he pointed to..all I can see is a very long hair creature with a red eye,horrorly screaming,blooded face,freakingly long nail were staring at us....

with all our strength we ran as fast as our feet can take us toward the hostel,but how fast as we run, I still can feel the bloodsucker creature were flying after us,then how thankfully I am to the god we
found our teacher who take care us at the hostel on our way,he doesnt say a word but he just like know what we had experiencing,he just loudly "azan" and suddenly the creatures body just burn out...

the teacher tell us that the creature is vampire or in malay culture it is called pontianak...we were very scared to close our eyes that night and all we just do is open book and read until morning...what a very frightfull night....

again,Do You Believe in ghost?