Wednesday, July 8, 2009


What the world!man,I'm just not prepared enough for the assignment given from En.Miqhdad for my short sem "statistic"...its like a hill that I must flatten it in a day!

Not only that,He also make us to do for correction quiz,a whole bunch of work making me crazy even crazier!

Well..what to do..this is my life,study,work,sleep and eat hahaha

perhaps,we should remember,as time passed by,doesn't we notice we becoming more mature and our thinking will be "out of the box" right?so,thanks to the god that give us life to the world..maybe we gonna having nice experience,bad,sad,terrify and much more,so enjoy it!

as I have nothing to share but what the heck,if I just type my feeling in here?

yes..its a mad mad mad mad world we living in

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